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Additional info / Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT ALLERGEN INFO: All cakes & edible items purchased from Rosie's Cakes are unsuitable for Nut allergy sufferers. Cakes may contain Nuts or traces of Nuts.

**All cakes are freshly baked & Decorated in a home kitchen and may contain, or contain traces of the following allergens (but not limited to): GLUTEN (wheat), SESAME, DAIRY, EGGS, MILK, NUTS, SOYA, SULPHITES, NUTS (eg, Almond, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Peanut),

Due to the varied styles, flavours & decorations of cakes, cross contamination may occur with allergens. Therefore it is not advisable to order if suffering from a food allergy. Please do not order if suffering from a food allergy. If ordering as a gift please ensure the recipient does not suffer from a food allergy.

Tiered cakes contain structural dowels and internal cake boards, please remove before eating.

Some styles of cakes may include non edible decorations and structural dowel inserts & boards, please remove before eating.

Due to artistic license/flair, cakes may alter ever so slightly from the image of the cake selected. All colours of icing are hand mixed and decorations hand made from scratch. Items may be arranged in different placements on and around the cake but the general overall theme will be the same. Each cake is unique in this respect!

COLLECTION ADVICE: It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the cake is transported safely and in the correct manner. Rosie's Cakes accepts no liabilty for any damaged caused by the customer in transit once the cake/item has left the premises. Please ensure there is a suitable place in the boot of the car for the cake to be placed. Another suitable place (if spaces permits) is in the footwell of the passenger seat, although this may not be possible with taller/larger cakes. It is advisable to slide the passenger seat back if placing in the footwell to gain more space for the cake.

It is NOT advisable to place the cake on the passenger or back seat due to the angle of the seat, the cake is likely to bounce, slide and move around if placed here. The main aspect of transporting the cake carefully is to keep the cake flat. Decorations will often be stood upright on cakes and although attached securely, any lumps and bumps in the road may cause items to dislodge if the cake is placed at an angle on a bouncy back seat!

It is for this reason the boot or footwell is the recommended location for transportation. Placing items either side of the cake in the boot is recommended (coat, bag, blanket, general things that are often already in the boot of a car will often suffice to stop the cake box moving, or feel free to bring cushions or a non-slip mat!)

Taller/larger/tiered cakes with extensions on the box should be placed in the boot with the parcel shelf removed. It is also recommended to drive at a slightly reduced speed and to take corners carefully due to weight transfer.

CANCELLATIONS: Due to the bespoke nature of the cakes, payments for cakes with a collection date less than 6 weeks away are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances due to any loss of business arising from turning away other bookings for that date. As an independent cake decorator I only have the capacity to fit in so many cakes per week & any cancellations will result in a loss of business due to other orders turned away unnecessarily).

Payments for cakes with a collection date of less than 6 weeks away are non-refundable. Decorations for cakes are often made in advance, items are often purchased especially and tailored to each individual cake & cannot be used on other cakes. The cakes I already have booked in determines which other cakes I can take on (ie, if I have several cakes booked in I may not have time to take on a 3d cake, a tiered cake or a cake with intricate design & orders may be turned away so if your cake is then cancelled, I will have lost the business of another customer. It is with regret that for this reason I cannot refund deposits with a collection date of less than 6 weeks away.

ALTERATIONS: If you have any queries or need to make any changes to an order please contact me immediately via email at stating your name & collection date. I will assess the request for an alteration and endeavour to make alteration where possible dependent on the design and amount of notice given. I will let you know it's effect on the price and any agreed timetable. Accepting any alterations is at the discretion of the Seller.

In the very unlikely event that I have to cancel your order for any reason, then I will give you as much notice as possible and discuss the matter with you and try to agree a suitable alternative. If you do not wish to accept the suggested alternative/date or the alternative design is not suitable, then the full price will be refunded.

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